Vegan Items

When Coburn and Baker first started baking we specialized in vegan cakes for local cafés. We’ve always excelled in our vegan products and as we grew, added gluten free and dairy baking to our now very extensive range! We do handle eggs (free range only) and milk but as a 100% Vegetarian Bakery our customers can be confident we never have meat or fish products on site.

As well as our cake and bread menu we also specialize in a unique and expanding Vegan range of contemporary savouries, patisserie and slices suitable for those following a vegan diet.

Our recipes have been painstakingly tried and adapted from our earliest years as bakers to achieve outstanding vegan products and we are dedicated to regularly adding contemporary vegan choices to our menu to meet the demand for quality, artisan vegan baking.

Vegan Breads

With the exception of our challah and honey spelt, all our breads are suitable for those following a vegan diet. We now also make a vegan brioche style bun.







Vegan Savouries

Onion Bhajis (vegan)

With fresh herbs and chillies. Spicy and hot with fresh ginger, turmeric and other aromatic spices.



Jamaican Jackfruit, Blackbean and Mango Patties (vegan)

24 ingredients are used to make the filling for these unique Caribbean patties. Jackfruit, mango, coconut, lime, scotch bonnet chillies, fresh coriander and more. Wrapped in a soft pastry.




Spring rolls (vegan)

Hand rolled with carefully prepared strips of vegetables, rich in colour and texture with red cabbage and fresh ginger. With a distinctive home made appeal.



Original Falafels (vegan)

Authentic falafels made with chickpeas, parsley, cumin, fresh coriander and chilli




Vegetable Samosas (vegan)

Handmade samosas with spicy vegetables, potatoes and fresh herbs in a crisp pastry.



Traditional Empanadas (vegan)

South American inspired vegan pastry with black turtle beans, sweet potatoes, walnuts smoked paprika and fresh herbs in a soft pastry.



Savoury Nut Rolls (vegan)

Our meat-free ‘so-sage rolls’ are made with puff pastry and filled with mushrooms, celery, nuts, onions, chickpeas and fresh herbs.




Mediterranean style puff pastry parcels 

Mushroom and red onion (vegan)


Butternut squash, cumin seeds and fresh coriander (vegan)


Vegan Patisserie

We have a select range of quality vegan patisserie which can be ordered daily.

Vegan Croissant

A dairy free croissant distinctively laminated with the addition of bran and coconut.



Vegan Pain au Chocolat 

Dairy free pain au chocolat with a bran and coconut dough. Made with Belgian

chocolate and dusted with chocolate.                                                                                           



Vegan Chocolate and Candied Orange Mini Brioche 

A dairy and egg free brioche, soft, delicious and moreish, a prefect breakfast bun with Belgian chocolate and candied citrus peel. Topped with sugar crystals.





Vegan Cakes

Vegan Apple & Cinnamon Crumble Cake

a rich apple cake with a sweet spiced crumbly topping

Vegan Apple Rhubarb and Ginger Cake

moist sponge with fresh fruit, crystallised fruit and ginger

Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

light chocolate chip banana sponge with fresh banana vegan butter cream and chocolate shavings

Vegan Banana Nut Cake

moist double layered cake, packed with nuts and dusted with icing sugar

Vegan Blackberry Lime Pistachio Cake

light sponge, homemade blackberry jam, fresh lime drizzle and roasted pisachios

Vegan Carrot & Orange Cake

moist cake with cinnamon, walnut, coconut & orange vegan butter cream

Vegan Coffee & Walnut Cake

coffee sponge, packed with walnuts,  sandwiched with coffee vegan butter cream


Vegan Chocolate  Cake

dark & rich, double layered, luxury Belgian chocolate cake

Vegan Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

rich chocolate cake baked with honeycomb pieces, covered with vegan chcocolate fudge and filled with homemade vegan caramel

Vegan Chocolate Orange Fudge Cake

rich and moist with orange blossom water and luxury candied orange peel

Vegan Chocolate Beetroot Cake

rich Belgian chocolate cake baked with fresh beetroot and topped with dark chcocolate fudge and cranberry pieces

Vegan  Chocolate Mocha Cake

dark chocolate sponge, double layered, coffee vegan  butter cream, cocoa dusted

Vegan Chocolate Havana Cake

dark chocolate and rum sponge cake with a rum laced dark chocolate ganache

Vegan Cookies and Cream Cake

chocolate sponge filled and covered with Cookies and Cream buttercream, topped with a dark chocolate drip, buttercream rosettes and half Oreo cookies


Vegan  Hummingbird Cake

exotic and moist with coconut, pineapple, banana and nuts

Vegan  Lemon Drizzle Cake

tangy and moist with a delicious top layer of lemon frosting

Vegan Lemon Lilac and Lavender Cake

a very pretty sandwich cake with lemon zest and lavender

Vegan Lemon Elderflower and Rose Cake

fresh lemon and elderflower sponge and buttercream with beautiful whole rose petals

Vegan Lime Coconut Passion Fruit Cake

exotic fresh lime & coconut sponge with tangy passion fruit vegan butter cream

Vegan Matcha and Lime Cake

A light and airy green tea sponge with fresh lime zest and frosting, topped with dark chocolate shards

Vegan Mocha Brazil Nut Praline Cake

dark chocolate cake with fresh coffee buttercream. Topped with sliced brazil nuts and homemade nut praline


Vegan Candied Orange Layer Cake

orange sponge topped with candied orange slices and sesame seeds, individual layers of pistachio and hazelnut.

Vegan Passion Fruit and Lime Drizzle Cake

fresh fruit sponge with a fresh lime and passion fruit frosting

Vegan Pomegranate and Cranberry Cake

Light sponge with pomegranate molasses and dried cranberries.Topped with pink frosting and fresh cranberry seeds

Vegan Plum and Rose Victoria Sponge

traditional sponge with our own plum & rose conserve and vegan butter cream

Vegan Plum, Cherry & Almond Cake

fruit cake filled and topped with fresh plum, cherries and almond pieces

Vegan  Pumpkin Spiced Cake

Autumnal pumpkin cake with roast pumpkin,spices, ginger and raisins and a spiced frosting

Vegan Raspberry Victoria Sponge                                              

traditional light Victoria sponge, vegan vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam

Vegan Raspberry and Coconut Cake

light coconut sponge with raspberry jam, decorated with coconut vegan butter cream and coconut shavings

Vegan Red Velvet Cake

rich, moist, fun chocolate cake filled and topped with with fresh vanilla butter cream and decorated with pink sugar crystals

Vegan Vanilla Fudge Cake

Belgian chocolate cake with vanilla fudge filling and topping and hand painted chocolate decoration from our in-house chocolatier


Vegan Slices

Vegan Millionaires Shortbread

Handmade vegan shortbread, vanilla dairy free caramel and dark chocolate. It is exquisitely good- a match for the original.

Vegan Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bars

Set Belgian chocolate slice with biscuit pieces, raisins, walnuts, apricots & desiccated coconut

Vegan Short bread

A vegan version of this traditional sweet, crumble biscuit

Vegan Apple and Blackberry Crumble Slice

Fresh apple, blackberry jam and sweet crumble topping

Vegan Flapjacks

Traditional Flapjack – with oats and golden syrup

Marmalade Flapjack– with our own marmalade topping, pumpkin seeds and pistachio nuts

Date and Apricot Flapjack – with added dried fruit

Hazelnut and Pecan Flapjack – classic oat with toasted nuts

Blueberry and Cranberry Flapjack– colourful fruity flapjack


Vegan Maple and Pecan Granola Bar

crunchy granola bar with real maple syrup, pecan nuts and sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds


Vegan Chocolate Muffin

Rich, moist muffin. Fresh baked with Belgian chocolate.

vegan brioche style rolls
jackfruit & blackbean patty
spring rolls 9
mushroom borek 3
vegan  oat and bran croissant
vegan pain choc 4
vegan choc salted caramel cake
cookies and cream cake 6