The Team

At Coburn and Baker we celebrate the creativity and high standards of workmanship held by our exceptional Bakers, Cake Makers and Patisserie Chefs.

Working in an Artisan Bakery takes dedication, teamwork and a real passion for food.

Our bakery is staffed and bustling 24 hours a day. Cakes are baking and patisserie prepping during the daylight hours and long fermented breads slowly rising and proving during the night. The ovens are constantly in use as the shifts change, and come the early hours of the morning the packers and delivery drivers strive daily to quickly load and deliver all over sussex and beyond, ensuring our products reach all our customers fresh from the ovens and ready to use.











Our range of long fermented and naturally leavened breads take patience and skill to produce. Some of our bakers have decades of experience baking breads and are able to pass this trade on to the newer members of our team.


Our exceptional artisan bakers mix, knead, prove and bake while Sussex sleeps!


Our bakers arrive in the afternoon and leave in the early morning once all the nights orders are out of the ovens and cooling on racks ready for the delivery team.





Patisserie Chefs



Beautiful patisserie requires passion and real attention to detail

We have a separate team of highly skilled and qualified patisserie chefs. Some work in the day preparing savoury pastries, quiches and sweet treats and others through the night baking our exceptional range of breakfast patisserie.






Cake Team



Our team of experienced and creative cake makers grows as the bakery does.

One baker now works solely on our gluten free range and the cake team mix, bake and hand decorate every item from classic Victoria Sponges to exotic Lime Coconut and Passion Fruit Cake with care and attention ensuring it reaches the highest possible standard.






Packing Team



Our packing team arrive through the night.

As soon as our breads are ready they are sorted, crated and labelled for all our customers. Our packers have to work fast as the breads cool, efficiently checking and double checking each order ready to be dispatched by the drivers.









Delivery drivers



Our drivers are familiar with all our routes and the timetables and  delivery requirements of our customers and battle the traffic odds daily to uphold their schedules!

making bread!

making bread
aaron boureks
making scones