Our skilled and experienced pastry chefs bake through the night every night making fine patisserie of generous size and exceptional quality. We use fresh fruit, homemade almond frangipane, fine Belgian chocolate in our beautiful range of stunning patisserie.





Generously sized, traditional pastry


Pain au Chocolat

Generously sized, with dark chocolate


Almond Croissant

With our own almond frangipane filling


Pain aux Raisin

Spiral Pastry with Raisins



Raspberry and crème patisserie square Danish Pastry


Pain aux Pomme

Apple and Cinnamon Pastry


Danish Pastry

Beautiful pastry with mixed fruit


Apricot Danish Pastry

Beautiful Danish with apricots



Individual  4″  Tarts

  • Tart Citron
  • Blueberry Tart
  • Fruit Tart
  • Chocolate Tart




English  Selection

Breakfast Muffins

Plain Scones

Fruit Scones

Cheese Scones

Tea Cakes

Vegan Teacake


Vegan Patisserie

Vegan Croissant

A dairy-free croissant distinctively laminated with the addition of bran and coconut.


Vegan Pain au Chocolat 

Dairy-free pain au chocolat with a bran and coconut dough. Made with Belgian

chocolate and drizzled with chocolate.                                                                                           

Almond Croissants (1)
Pain aux Raisins (16)
Framboise Danish (5)
Apricot Danish (4)
english muffins 4
fruit scones
Pain au Chocolate (20)
Fruit Tart 4'' (9)
Tart Citron
Individual Tart au Citron