Our Unique Artisan Cakes are baked and hand decorated daily to order. We create high quality, homemade style, traditional and contemporary cakes and think there is ample flavour and colour to be found in the natural world so decorate with nuts, flowers, fruit, chocolate and seeds. We deliver our beautiful creations directly from our ovens to you.


Chocolate Ganache Cake

dark & rich, double layered, luxury Belgian chocolate cake



Chocolate Hazelnut and Mascarpone Meringue Cake

Three layer chocolate and hazelnut cake with chcoclate hazelnut filling and topping, mascarpone layers , topped with hazelnut meringue pieces.



Chocolate Orange Fudge Cake

rich dark chcocolate fudge with orange blossom water and luxury candied orange peel



Chocolate Beetroot Cake

luxury Belgian chocolate cake with beetroot and delicious dark chococlate ganache, topped with cranberry pieces


Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

rich, dark chocolate layered cake, chococlate ganache, salted caramel layers and sea salt flakes



Chocolate Mocha Cake

dark chocolate sponge, double layered with fresh coffee butter cream, cocoa dusted



Rich Chocolate Gateau

moist gateau generously filled and topped with rich chocolate buttercream



Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cake

Rich Belgian chocolate cake with fresh raspberry ganache and chocolate fudge. Decorated with freeze dried raspberry and hand painted chocolate tiles from our in house chocolatier.


Cookies and Cream Chocolate Cake

Chocolate sponge layered and covered with Cookies and Cream butter cream. Decorated with a dark chocolate ganache drip, Cookie and Cream buttercream rosettes and half Oreo Cookies.


Vanilla Fudge Cake

rich dark Belgian chocolate cake with fresh vanilla buttercream



Apple & Cinnamon Crumble Cake

a rich apple cake with a sweet spiced crumbly topping



Apple Rhubarb and Ginger Cake

moist sponge with fresh fruit, crystallised fruit and ginger


Banana Nut Cake

Fresh moist banana sponge with walnut and almond pieces



Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

Light choc-chip banana sponge topped and filled with fresh banana butter cream and dark chocolate shavings


Blackberry and Apple Cake

fruity blackberry and apple sponge, icing sugar dusting



Blackberry Lime and Pistachio Cake

light sponge cake with homemade blackberry jam, lime drizzle and roasted pistachios



Carrot & Orange Cake

moist cake with cinnamon, walnut, coconut & orange butter cream



Coffee & Walnut Cake

coffee sponge, packed with walnuts,  sandwiched with coffee butter cream



Date and Walnut Cake

sweet with dates and topped with delicous toffee sauce. Baked and decorated with walnut pieces.



Hummingbird Cake

exotic and moist cake. Baked with  pineapple, banana and pecan nuts. Filled and topped with lime buttercream


Havana Chocolate Rum Cake

dark chocolate sponge, laced with Cuban rum, rum infused chocolate ganache.



Hazelnut & Ricotta Cake ( Gluten Free)

delicate cake, baked with ground hazelnuts, topped with dark chocolate ganache, whole hazelnuts and nut praline


Honey & Ginger Cake

moist sponge, spices, topped with candied orange and crystallised ginger chunks



Italian Courgette and Lemon Cake

Low flour sponge with ground almonds, ricotta, fresh courgette and lemon zest, dark chocolate ganache



Lemon Drizzle Cake

tangy and moist with a delicious top layer of lemon frosting



Lemon Elderflower and Rose  Sponge 

Light lemon sponge filled and topped with fresh lemon and elderflower buttercream. Beautifully decorated with whole dried rose petals



Lemon Rose and Raspberry Cake

Fresh lemon sponge filled with lemon buttercream and whole fresh and freeze dried raspberries. Decorated with beautiful whole dried rose petals


Lemon Lilac and Lavender Cake

a very pretty sandwich cake with lemon zest and lavender



Lemon Almond & Polenta Cake

polenta, ground almond & moist lemon sponge, tangy lemon glaze



Lime Coconut Passion Fruit Cake

exotic fresh lime & coconut sponge with tangy passion fruit butter cream



Matcha and Lime Drizzle Cake

a light and airy green tea sponge with fresh lime zest and frosting topped with dark chocolate shards



Mocha Brazil Nut Praline Cake

dark chocolate gateau with coffee buttercream. Topped with sliced brazil nuts and homemade praline



Candied Orange Layer Cake

Fresh Orange sponge topped with beautiful candied orange slices and sesame seeds. Individual layers of pistachio and hazelnut and a hint of cinnamon.



Peach and Elderflower Sponge Cake

Victoria sponge cake with peach pieces, elderflower drizzle and peach icing



Pomegranate and Cranberry Cake

moist with pomegranate molasses, cranberries and pomegranate


Passion Fruit and Lime Drizzle Cake

with passion fruit butter cream and a lime and passion fruit frosting




Plum, Cherry & Almond Cake

filled and topped with fresh plum, cherries and almond pieces



Pumpkin Spiced Cake

Autumnal pumpkin cake with spices, ginger and raisins



Raspberry and Coconut Cake

light coconut sponge with raspberry jam, decorated with coconut butter cream and coconut shavings

Summer Lemon Curd and Blueberry Cake

Fresh blueberry sponge filled with homemade lemon curd, topped with a tangy lemon icing and decorated with a beautiful blueberry drizzle


Tunisian Orange & Pistachio Cake

moist cake, pistachio and orange, soaked in an orange syrup



Red Velvet

rich, moist, fun chocolate cake with fresh vanilla butter cream


Toffee Apple Cake

triple layer cake with spiced apple caramel sponge, brown sugar cream filling and caramel buttercream. Topped with honey comb, fudge pieces and toffee shards


Raspberry Victoria Sponge                                              

traditional light Victoria sponge, vanilla butter cream and raspberry jam



Plum and Rose Victoria Sponge

traditional sponge with our own plum & rose conserve and butter cream


Blackberry Victoria Sponge

traditional Victoria sponge, vanilla buttercream and our own homemade blackberry jam

Loaf Cakes

Carrot and orange Loaf

moist loaf cake with fresh carrot, orange zest, walnuts and cinnamon



Banana Nut Loaf

moist fresh banana sponge with almond and walnut



Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf

citrus sponge, delicate poppy seed flavour, fresh lemon frosting



Pecan and Maple Loaf

sweet moist nutty loaf cake with delicious maple syrup



Banana Choc Chip  Loaf

moist sponge with fresh banana and Belgian chocolate chips


Spiced Apple Crumble Loaf Cake

Fresh apple sponge with a sweet spiced cinnamon and allspice crumble topping

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Chocolate Ganache Cake
chocolate beetroot cake
Raspberry and Chocolate Ganache Cake
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blackberry lime pistachio 14
gluten free coffee and walnut cake
Mocha Brazil Nut Cake
matcha lime 14
Gluten free carrot cake
Lemon and Lavander Cake
Chocolate Havana Cake
Lemon Drizzle
Plum and Rose Victoria 1
Gluten Free Lemon, Rose and elderflower cake
Banana chocolate chip vegan
Hummingbird cake
Passion Drizzle
chocolate fudge cake
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vegan raspberry and coconut cake
lemon and elderflower rose cake 14
chocolate praline torte 14
toffee apple cake
red velvet cake
Chocolate Loaf Vegan (2)
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Vegan Banana Nut Loaf Cake
carrot and orange loaf