Continental and Mediterranean Bread

Our Artisan Bread Menu references Mediterranean, Continental, contemporary and classical English and Middle Eastern baking and is regularly updated with new, exciting products as seasons and customer demands change.

Continental and Mediterranean Breads

Italian Breads



300g Ciabatta Loaf

Ciabatta Rolls 80g/100g /120g

Flatbread 140g


Panini  100g oval



Available in 3 varieties

Mixed herbs & sea salt
Sun-dried tomato, olive & fresh Rosemary
Roasted garlic & red onion

800g Focaccia Tray

400g Focaccia 

280g Focaccia

Focaccia 80g/90g/120g



French Breads



Baguette Roll 80g

Demi Baguette 125g

Baguette 250g

Large Baguette 400g

Demi Granary Baguette 125g

Granary Baguette 250g

Granary Baguette 400g



Rustic French Campainou

Rustic country wheat, rye & sourdough bread. Available sliced or unsliced as a 400g or 800g loaf.

Campainou Loaf

White Campainou Loaf

Seeded Campainou Loaf with linseed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed and millet



Mediterranean Breads


Pitta Bread

Our fresh pitta is hand rolled, soft, round and full of flavour. Sold in packs of 5

White Pitta Bread 75g

Wholemeal Pitta Bread 75g

Sesame Pitta Bread 75g

Z’aatar (thyme) and Olive oil Pitta Bread 75g



Challah Breads

Four strand traditional Jewish plait bread

800g plait

400g plait



Seeded Challah

800g plait

400g plait

with sesame and black sesame seeds,

poppy seeds,


caraway seeds



Challah Fruit Loaf

Enriched loaf with dried fruit and candied fruit peel

Garlic Foccacia 1
herb and salt foccacia
challah plaited loaves 1
seeded campainou_ 14
campainou 13_Fotor
Vegan Brioche Roll 4