New and Seasonal Items

New for 2020…..

Have a look at our new range of Vegan Artisan Patisserie, delicious new Vegan Savouries and Vegan Baked Treats!

We’ve always been proud of our Vegan range and now for 2020 we’re offering a new selection of products to meet growing demand. This expands our exceptional menu of vegan breads, cakes and savouries even further. The ingredients, textures and flavours have been carefully selected and developed to create the delicious and unique products you see here…


Vegan Croissant

A dairy free croissant, distinctively laminated with the addition of bran and coconut.






Vegan Pain au Chocolat

Dairy free pain au chocolat with a bran and coconut dough. Made with Belgian chocolate and dusted with chocolate.










Vegan Chocolate and Candied Orange Mini Brioche

A dairy and egg free brioche, soft, delicious and moreish, a prefect breakfast bun with Belgian chocolate and candied citrus peel. Topped with sugar crystals.










Jamaican Jackfruit , Blackbean and Mango Patty (vegan)

A mix of 24 ingredients are used to make the filling for this unique Caribbean patty. Jackfruit, fresh mango, coconut, lime, scotch bonnet chillies, fresh coriander and more. Wrapped in a soft pastry.







Onion Bhaji (vegan)

With fresh herbs and chillies, spicy and hot with fresh ginger, turmeric and aromatic spices.

Sold in 500g boxes of 14 bhajis









Spring Roll (vegan)

Hand rolled with carefully prepared strips of vegetables. Rich in colour and texture with red cabbage and fresh ginger. With a distinctive home made appeal.






Sweet Treats

Vegan Millionaires Shortbread

Handmade vegan shortbread, vanilla dairy free caramel and dark chocolate. It is exquisitely good- a match for the original.

Sold in boxes of 20 slices




Vegan Chocolate Muffin

A rich chocolate muffin, moist, crumbly and luscious with Belgian chocolate.
Sold Individually






Vegan Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart

Belgian chocolate baked filling and our own dairy free caramel and sea salt make this rich dessert.
Available as a Large Tart¬† and a 4″ Tart








vegan  oat and bran croissant
vegan choc coconut croissant
vegan choc chip brioche
jackfruit & blackbean patty
onion bhaji
spring rolls.
vegan millionaires shortbread 6
vegan chocolate muffins
vegan Choc Salted Caramel Tart