Baked Cheesecakes

Our beautiful baked cheesecakes range from classic favourites to our own delicious contemporary  recipes and are baked to order for our customers.  We use fresh cream cheese, fresh fruit, nuts, Belgian chocolate and spice and our own sweet, crunchy biscuit base in our indulgent cheesecakes.

All our cheesecakes can be made gluten free on request but will then contain almonds in the base.


Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cheesecake

delicate and smooth, decorated with chocolate ganache and white chocolate.


Lebanese Rose & Orange Cheesecake,

exquisite rose & orange blossom water with orange rind in this with our rose petal conserve and pistachio topping.


Lemon Cheesecake,

smooth, creamy cheesecake with fresh lemon juice & zest.


Passion Fruit & Papaya Cheesecake,

Creamy, smooth cheesecake with colourful and exotic real fruit topping.


Toffee & Pecan Cheesecake,

rich, smooth & creamy, decorated with toffee cream, toffee sauce and pecan nuts.

Marble cheesecake
lebanese cheesecake