New and Seasonal Items

Please take a look at the products we are baking this season!

We are always looking for new ways to use traditional ingredients and incorporate fresh and current flavours in our baking.  We frequently update our menus with current and seasonal products; from a wholesome new sourdough loaf or a delicious pastry to a beautiful new cake for the season.

Winter Breads

Sage and Onion Sourdough Bloomer Loaf

A wholesome sourdough loaf with white flour, onion and fresh herbs, rolled in sesame seeds.

Vegan Brioche Rolls A vegan version of our enriched dough topped with white sesame and poppy seeds


 Blackberry, Lime and Pistachio Cake (available as a vegan and as a gluten free cake)

Light Victoria sponge, filled with fresh buttercream and homemade blackberry jam,topped with fresh lime drizzle and roasted pistachios

Apple and Cinnamon Crumble Cake  (available as a vegan  cake)

Traditional spiced apple cake with a sweet, aromatic crumble topping and icing sugar dusting.

Chocolate Vanilla Fudge Cake  (available as a vegan and as a gluten free cake)

A rich Belgian chocolate cake filled and topped with vegan vanilla fudge filling and decorated with dark chocolate shards

Lemon Drizzle Cake  (available as a vegan and as a gluten free cake)

Classic, moist cake filled with fresh lemon buttercream, topped with delicious, tangy lemon frosting

Vegan Candied Orange Layer Cake

A fresh orange sponge topped with beautiful candied orange slices and sesame seeds, with individual layers of pistachio and hazelnut and a hint of cinnamon.

Honey and Ginger Cake  (available  as a gluten free cake)

A moist cake baked with honey and warming spices, topped with a ginger drizzle and decorated with candied orange and crystallised stem ginger pieces.


Brie, Thyme and Caramelized Onion Quiche

Available as an 11.5″ and an individual 4″ quiche

Vegetable Samosas (suitable for vegans)

Vegan Samosas with spicy vegetables, potatoes and fresh herbs and spices

Original Falafels (suitable for vegans)

Vegan falafels made with chickpeas, parsley, cumin, fresh coriander and chilli

Traditional Empanadas (suitable for vegans)

Vegan South American inspired pastries with black turtle beans, sweet potatoes, smoked paprika and fresh herbs

Biscuits and Slices

Chocolate Fruit and Nut Fudge Bars  (suitable for vegans)

A set Belgian Chocolate slice with biscuit pieces, raisins,walnuts, dried apricot pieces and dessicated coconut

Marmalade Pistachio and Sunflower Seed Flapjack (suitable for vegans)

Rolled oat flap jack with orange marmalade, pistachio nuts and sunflower seeds. Topped with marmalade syrup and candied orange pieces.

Gluten Free Almond Bites

Hand-made sweet almond biscuits to accompany coffee, decorated with whole almonds




onion and sage sourdough_13
Blackberry Lime and Pistachio
vanilla fudge
Honey and Ginger
Marmalade and Pistachio Flapjacks